Hello & Welcome!

When I tell you that getting kids ready for a shoot can sometimes be qualified as an olympic sport, So here are a few tips to help make your next shoot less sporty and more enjoyable!


Kids can be unpredictable at times, so I find it best to stay flexible and follow the kids’ needs. If they need to run around, I’ll let them run and be silly before being still to capture the shots we need. If they don’t want to stand but will be held, we’ll do that instead. I tend to read each child for cues to capture the best photos we can!


This one’s a big one! I love interacting with the kids to get the genuine smiles you know and love. This may mean me making crazy noises, or you helping by playing peek-a-boo behind me. Whatever gets the sweet giggles!


When all else fails, bribes usually save the day. Be prepared by bringing some sweet favorites like candy or gummies! We can take quick bribe breaks if we need to throughout your session.

Try on their clothes ahead of time to make sure they it and aren’t “itchy” or “too tight”. We want a great picture, but if they aren't comfortable it's not going to be fun for anybody. FEED them! The last thing we need is for kiddos to get HANGRY in the middle of their session! You can also pack some clean snacks in the car on the way! (water, grapes, peanuts, cheese sticks, crackers, etc.) Praise, thank, and be proud! There is nothing that kids want to hear more than how proud we are of them, how great they did, and THANK YOU for doing this for mommy and daddy!


Do you ever see photos of kiddos with a lower crown, a floppy hat or a beautiful tulle skirt? It can be as easy as borrowing from a friend or a quick amazon prime purchase to dress up your sweet princess for her photo shoot!


Who says that boys aren’t fun to dress up? You can easily add a vest, suspenders, or a bow tie to any simple button up or polo to make him feel less like he's going to church and more like he's modeling for GQ!

I hope you found these tips helpful!