Think about this...

It's the morning after your wedding, and you wake up with your new husband. You're exhausted, maybe look a bit disheveled, and you can't believe how fast your wedding day came and went. At this point you're trying to recount the entire day prior, because it all feels like a blur. Now you're maybe regretting not hiring a videographer, and hoping enough of your guests posted cell phone video. NOW let me tell you 5 reasons why you both should consider a non-traditional wedding!

1+ By only inviting close friends and immediate family members you're able to keep the guest list small. Celebrate this special occasion with only the ones who matter the most to you both. Another advantage to having a small guest list is you're able to spend less time greeting everyone, and have more time preserving the moment.

2+ You have the choice of holding the ceremony at any unique and/or beautiful location. The "trend" at the moment is renting a gorgeous AirBnB, and then you'll have free range to having the ceremony either inside or out depending on the time of year. If an AirBnB isn't your thing then some other great choices are the beach, in the woods, a family members large property, a cute small town's downtown square, or maybe even your favorite brewery. Honestly the possibilities are endless and that is really the best part! But no matter what location you guys choose just make sure to get permission, and the proper permits if you need them.

3+ Definitely one of my favorite parts is how creative you can now be with the food menu. There won't be a choice of " Chicken or Salmon" (unless thats your thing!), but instead you can do your favorite food truck, or a fun buffet bar, a donut wall, or even just doing cake and mimosas. Again the choices are endless, and you both could really push the creative boundaries.

4+ Since there will be a smaller amount of people, and depending how big your bridal party is there will be a lot more time for photos! You'll be able to maybe hit up more than one location which will make this epic day even more memorable. Documenting your new adventure together is what's important, not stressing over one of the most important days.

5+ The possibilities are endless and this could for sure be your chance to get creative! Having a non-traditional ceremony gives you guys the freedom to maybe do something that other people maybe have not done yet. In the end you both want to do something that you'll remember for the rest of your lives so just have fun!